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Inspired by Murder: ALTERNATE ENDING


Eric looked at his watch and realized he'd allowed Patricia to ramble on for five minutes past their session time. 
He interrupted her mid-sentence. "I'm sorry, Patricia, but it looks like we'll have to continue this conversation next week. We've gone five minutes over." And by we, I mean you. 
"Oh." She looked disappointed. As if they were besties instead of doctor and patient. "All right, then." She took her time getting up from her chair and meandered toward the door.

Inspired by Murder Alternate Ending - 20

Eric couldn't stand people that were slow. They made him want to run really fast, as if it would somehow make them move quicker.
"See you next time," she said before leaving his office.
"See you then."
After she'd closed the door, Eric opened his laptop. He planned to make the final revisions to his novel during his lunch hour. He was only a few minutes in when there was a light knock on his door.
"Come in."
It swung open and his secretary stood in the doorway. She greeted him with a beaming smile. Her blonde curls cascaded down her shoulders and he noticed she looked exceptionally nice today.
"Detective Stephenson called while you were with Patricia and wanted to know if he’d answered all the procedural questions you needed for your book. He said he was free this afternoon if you wanted to talk."
"I think he gave me everything I needed the last time we met. But thanks, Daisy. I'll call him back before my next appointment." 
It might've been his imagination, but she seemed to linger a little longer than necessary in his doorway.
"Well, I guess I'll see you after lunch," she finally said.
Eric reread his novel's epilogue once she'd left. He'd nicely concluded the story by bringing the detective and his love interest together for a happy ending. Since Detective Stephenson had helped him by answering all his questions about homicide procedures, he'd used him as the inspiration for the detective in his novel. He’d also used the pretty, blonde detective he'd met when Stephenson gave him a tour of the homicide unit as the inspiration for his love interest in the book. For now, he'd kept their real names but figured it was be easy enough to change them before it went to print by a major publishing house.
Satisfied with his story, he typed THE END before closing his laptop. Now, he just needed to give the world a reason to read it. 
He and Daisy walked out of the office together after his last appointment. A light snow was falling when she turned to him before getting into her car. The sun had just disappeared below the horizon, and he admired her beauty in the light from the street lamp above. 
"I had fun last night.”
"Me too," he said.
She opened her car door. “Sorry you got sick from the sushi. Thanks for letting me stay at your place.”
“No problem.” He watched her drive away before he climbed into his BMW. He started the engine and forced her pretty face from his mind. He had a lot of work to do before the night was over. He’d have just enough time to stop at his apartment, change his clothes, and grab his lock-picking kit and gloves before he headed to Patricia’s. 

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