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Inspired by Murder - 2020 Title Page 1.0
Inspired by Murder - 2020 Cover 3.0.jpg

“So, when?”

“When what?” he asked.

“When do you want to go out?”

“Oh. Right. Umm....” He wanted to say he was in the middle of planning a murder but figured that probably wasn't a good idea. Even though she would probably think he was being hilarious.

“How about tonight?” She looked gratified, like she’d done him a favor by offering to give him exactly what he wanted. Only he didn't want it at all.

“Umm....” He cursed himself for not being able to think of an excuse. He had nothing. “Sure.”

She practically jumped in the air.

“Great! I'm starving, I'll just grab my purse. Do you mind driving? I know this amazing little sushi place downtown. You like sushi, right? You're going to love it. Their sake is the best. I'll just be two secs.”

In a blur of movement, she turned to fetch her purse, sending her blonde curls swinging through the air. Apparently, both of her questions were rhetorical.

He sighed. This was not what he had planned for the evening. He wasn't even sure how he had gotten himself into this mess. He couldn't let himself be outsmarted by his twenty-two-year-old secretary and get behind in planning Patricia's murder. He was on a schedule. He would just have to tell her the sushi didn't agree with him and hurry home right after dinner.

No sooner had he gathered his thoughts when she reappeared in his doorway. She brushed her blonde fringe out of her eyes.

“Ready!” she announced with glee.


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