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Still recovering from her brother’s murder, Detective Tess Richards transfers out of Homicide…only to find herself in the center of a deadly undercover operation.

When a young woman is found dead in a Seattle alley after a hit-and-run, all evidence points to Everchange, a high-profile self-help organization renowned for attracting rich and famous members.


As Tess leaves Homicide to take a job within the Seattle Intelligence Unit, she is quickly sent undercover into the Everchange castle on Whidbey Island. What she finds is not what she expected. Surrounded by celebrities and feel-good teachings, Tess has trouble discerning between truth and deception.


Detective Blake Stephenson’s investigation of the Everchange hit-and-run uncovers evidence of their cult-like connection to murder and human trafficking. Embedded in the castle, Tess confronts Everchange’s leader, Colton Everett, who is not only charming and strikingly attractive, but he and Tess have a history.


As Blake links more deaths to the organization, he works to arrange a rescue mission to help Tess escape. While inside, Tess witnesses the death of a member and fights to untangle Everchange’s web of lies—before her cover is blown with fatal consequences.

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