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5 Days in Alaska

Updated: Jan 22

In November, I took a five day trip to Alaska to do some research for The Final Hunt. I had a great time visiting the town of Tok (population 1300), where part of this book takes place.

After flying into Anchorage, I made the five-and-a-half-hour scenic drive through the mountains to Tok, stopping to spend the night at Sheep Mountain Lodge, nestled in the snowy mountains across from the Matanuska Glacier.

When I arrived in Tok, I felt like I was stepping into Cameron's shoes, a Seattle dentist who learns her recently deceased husband was the notorious Seattle Teacher Killer in The Final Hunt. (Okay, I did have to use my imagination to get completely into her character 🙂) But being in Tok really brought The Final Hunt to life. My self-led tour of Tok included the Alaska State Trooper's Station (who were so kind to take the time to answer my questions), the Bear's Den Lounge, Fast Eddie's (the local diner), the library, and the Tok Junction Airport.

Another highlight was getting to see my friend, Charly, from nursing school as I passed through Wasilla on our way back to Anchorage, which was a definite bonus to the trip!

The Final Hunt is OUT NOW.

Alone in a hunting cabin, off-grid in an untamed wilderness. How does a marriage come to this?

After John disappeared while hunting—presumed dead from a bear attack—Cameron found the crime photos. His role in the recent Seattle serial murders was discovered. The media destroyed her reputation. She lost her dental practice, is on the brink of losing her home.

Everyone has a secret. But if her husband could hide the unimaginable from her, who’s to say he’s truly dead?

“What brings you so far from home?” the Alaska State Trooper had asked. The truth.

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